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We create cost effective solutions for all your exterior hard surfaces. As part of your asphalt consultants duties they will advise and assist in your project as well as make recommendations on the most cost effect approaches for your end goal.

Tri-State Paving is the most reliable paving contractor in West Virginia. We stand by our work with a 1 year warranty. If you have challenges we are just a phone call away to resolving any issue you may have.

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As our valued customer, you can rely on Tri-State to maintain these 3 qualities throughout every aspect of our service. In fact, our commitment to these qualities has made us one of the largest parking lot maintenance, repair and paving companies in the country! For over 15 years, we’ve been providing high-quality asphalt paving, sealing, repair, maintenance, concrete, and parking lot striping services for commercial, industrial, and public works projects of all types – while ensuring that you get the fair price and service you deserve.

ServicesWe are capable of all types of asphalt paving

Asphalt. You might not think about it too often, but you probably use it every day – and so do millions of others. With all that wear and tear, you need quality asphalt paving that provides long-lasting, professional-looking results.
Today’s small wear-and-tear issues could easily become tomorrow’s foundational failures. While having and following a long-term preventive maintenance plan that includes sealing and crack filling will help protect your asphalt investment, you may also find times when your parking lot needs repairs. After all, you can’t stop Mother Nature; you can only slow her down.
Seal Coating
From day one of your asphalt’s life, UV rays from the sun and oxygen from the air combine to break apart the chemical bonds that give pavements their strength.
Patching in the roadways is self explanatory, but outside of this application, it is generally acceptable when only limited areas of the pavement has failed. Specifically, your lot has some defective areas but the rest is in good shape.

Estimates We are capable of all types of asphalt paving

TSP makes it easy to get accurate, thorough estimates – and keep your project on track. Fill out the form to request a free estimate now, and one of our professional estimators will be in touch within one business day to discuss your needs and begin the bid process.

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